The soul’s nourishment need is not complimentary to the food the material world has to offer and that is the gap where lots of people get lost. As the Soul enters the body we have been misguided and forgot that it is the Soul inside this mechanical structure that needs the education, nourishment and joy. In that case the images we are looking on our computer screens would be more like heavenly spaces, lush with love and trust. And we would still look at the war scenes with indignation, this time knowingly where the focus of the solution is, instead of taking sides or expressing opinions about our personal beliefs as humans. When te light of the Soul sparkles in our hearts all else that is not sustainable to this vibration vanishes and escapes into other realms. Maybe we just got mistaken at some point and went into the other door, which is only a few steps from us. So don’t give up Dear One and keep that roaring spirit up until you get to the other side.