Source: Intra-dimensional Wire/Feb-16-2013/1731hrs/Eastern time/North hemishpere/New Moon phase

The passion I have for it

is inspired by the eminent light in its eyes

that keeps calling me in

to go deeper

to get to know the Self

that resides in this high-tech labyrinth cavern

that keeps infusing my Soul with its wisdom

its teachers crossing my path

or both walking along the road of introspect dwelling

where magic is exchanged

where encouragement of flying is the hand shaken

where doubts don’t know what they are doing there

’cause the arrows of fearlessnes are coming at them

causing their heavy boom booms to catch fire

and become ash, to once again be back into the spiral of evolution

that with time it will allow them to sprout

once again

into a hopeful little green nugget of unlimited potential

so my cavern

which once I thought to observe it as this distant

unreachable dark space

has now become an enchanted forest of

calm waves of sacred sound

vibrated by the love of the universe

that I am harvesting inside for the Self

for my Self

and the cape, that I used to drag covering

my incandescent light that was thought would blind others

is now being lifted by these same others

invoking the state of being of

bountiful, beautiful, blissful

excell, excell, fearless

….with a bighhhhh sigh of relief