SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2012, 11:27AM

When The Light is brighter than The Light

structured minds are shattered, broken into pieces

when they thought they knew,

they find out there’s something new beyond that limited view

when they push you to be free

and see you go beyond what they believe is possible

they want to cage you inside their beliefs

just have compassion, they don’t know what to do

when the cliff of freedom really appears in their eyes and in their hearts

their minds dissolve giving them vertigo

and the whip in their Ego

resounds so loud that they loose orientation

to what The Mother has been guiding them towards so far

La Plantita doesn’t make distinctions between the guide and the guided

because even she is not the doer

so shacking up her own Maya

she even remembers that it is beyond all of us

it is above all of us

and there is no way that love can be managed

represented, commercialized, RSVP or advertise

when Love is, there is no more to say

to do, to explain

even in the unseen, the souls that are gone,

the ones about to come, the vibration of love can be felt

Tigresa de la Selva de Luz,

your strength is such that can’t be put down

by anyone, except yourself and your mind

but that is not what you want to do, right?

the air is carrying you to your destiny

keep playing, singing, offering yourself to the Self inside of you

and this is no more than a reminder that you are doing well

when challenges come, it’s because there is forward motion

I love you sister, I love we

you understand? Do I understand?

Who Am I?