FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2012, 9:42AM

Angels are falling from the sky into my lap

pulling my fears out with determination

polishing my heart out with compassion and strenght

Angels, unexpected arrivals via phone, internet and presence

conversations that drop all the fears and resistance to be loved

to love. to love myself, to love the other.

tolovemyselftolovetheother reminds me of ONE

Angels with human names and faces

with wings so big I don’t see where they finish

Angels without knowing they are Angels

they are being reminded by their arriving Angels

And let’s stop for a minute or two

let’s acknolwedge the impact we are having on each other

you don’t know? each of your words has the power to uplift yourself and others

or not

the route is in our hands to decide

and I am greatfull for all the Angels that fall into my lap

because their chosen routes are clearing minds