FRIDAY, AUGUST, 12, 2011 1:05PM

You are a butterfly

Patiently waiting and understanding everything

Your wings colors are metallic blue, green and black

You are the guardian

And I feel you carry yours around too

So, you are fine, taken care and protected

by the beautiful energy of Quan Yin

Your wings can be seen once in a while,

don’t be shy! Tell them not to hide

For those who don’t get it

I say: Never Mind!

You, fly high, into the skies of love and surrender

where we are all one.

Embracing the light that nutrures us, guides us

and gives us piece of mind.

Your words are prayers carrying the current of love,

and people somehow know,

so I ask you: Please keep sharing your beautiful soul with the entire world.

Soon we will all shine so much together.