Thursday, August 18th, 2011 4:10pm

I barely know you and you are already teaching me so much

There is no time to live outside of NOW

You are coming into the world with so much to share through so little action

Expectations….what a trick of the mind

And then, effortless you come into my life

slam my face left and right

my heart freezes down and I run from here to there reacting to your presence

Take action when the time is right, you are telling me now,

but don’t waste your time over thinking all of these and that

Again like a messenger from mother earth

I hear: Just BE and RECEIVE

And you on the other side of the planet

who came to me like the pirates to the sirens

and took off when the fog came down

Who are you? or better yet Who am I?

Together granting each other the space we deserve

decoding of ourselves will happen

And when I stay behind

you reach my hand and bring me up

and when you stay behind

I smile at you too

reaching your hand and becoming ONE again

We follow the light

The light that our hearts shine to guide us

So little darling

gratitude again to you

for your life to come back to you after all that.

Birth of:P Baby Boy, Brooklyn 651pm August 17th