Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Solstice 2011, New Mexico

Air Tattwa storm shared some words with my soul

The clouds are dancing into the infinite space of our souls.

Wind carried the message of the Aquarian Age:

Community actions through love and compassion.

The message is loud an clear, and it will only rest when we start trusting that inner voice and let those external messages of the universe enter our hearts. They are so subtle and present at the same time.

Fearless silence is how we communicate now, from the heart and the third eye.

It is not important who leads, we all do, sometimes you, sometimes me, all the time God.

The endless light is vibrant and travels to where you are able to understand it, be it inside of you or as a messenger in one of your guides.

Sat Nam vibrating all around as a reminder that we are children from the stars.

Sat Nam to call out to all the other brothers and sisters to come and reunite.

Sat Nam from the bottom of my heart to love and self love at the same time.

Sa-ta-na-ma to open the gate to the infinite land.

Sa-ta-na-ma because I honor the ancestral beings ever present in my life.

Sa-ta-na-ma to the teahcers and students holding hands


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