Gnocchi del 29 is getting ready for the winter and although not physically gathering for the next two months it still wants to share Love, Art & Prosperity with all of you.

As we are getting closer to the New Year, starting to think of the resolutions for the year to come, this November 29 we give you the present of the Tree of Opportunities, to start setting the tone and take some time to meditate on what it is you would like to bring into your life. We met one afternoon at the magical Omega Institute, a place that brought lots of beautiful gifts to my life.

The day I discovered The tree of opportunity was magical, the air was filled with loving classical music tunes coming from my friends violin, deep grounding sounds from my Didgeridoo and sacred mantra vibrations thought to me by Smriti, my yoga teacher in India.

After spending a few hours jamming we took a rest, I got up and turned around to look at the lake and there was The Tree. I felt him wanting to hug me with those abundant branches sprouting in every direction from the ground towards the sky.

His message

My connection to him and the clarity of his message filled me with joy immediately and received his gift with gratitude.The Tree of Opportunity told me: There are infinite opportunities for you out here right now, look around, set your intentions clearly of what is that you would like to bring into your life, write it down to project it into the universe and trust that it will come to you, remain aware to identify when the opportunities are near by.

How you can use the gift

We are now sharing some tips with you on how to go about benefiting from this gift we are sharing:

  • Look at the Tree of Opportunities and take some time to think, breathe
  • Make a list of the opportunities you would like to attract, as many as you like
  • Write in present tense, as you already have acquired this opportunities
  • Write positive short sentences, maximum ten words
  • Choose two that you think are the priority right now, these become your mantra
  • Before going to bed every night take five to ten minutes to repeat your mantra
  • While you repeat them visualize yourself in that new space, even if you don’t believe it yet

Repeating your mantra daily is the key for your success. At first you might not even believe the mantra you are repeating, just keep repeating it. Soon your subconscious mind will start shifting the vibrations to attract the right elements to make this new reality happen. If throughout your day you find yourself going back to the old way of thinking, repeat this mantra.

For those who can’t be without eating home made Gnocchi (the italian way) this month check out this video on how to make them. Let me know how it goes!