Subway Soul Design is an urban concept that came into fruition during a short period I lived in London in 2006.  While riding the London Underground, I started to notice what seemed like faces imprinted on the subway cars and doors.  Those images left an indelible impression on me.  Somehow, in all their anger and accidental beatitude, they resonated deeply, as if the energy flow of the different shapes and backgrounds, constantly and almost visibly collided inside the crowded carriages.  For me those faces are very clear representations of the energy and souls that over time rode in that somehow haunted environment.  I believe they transmit the essence of the city and connect with people on a subliminal level; thereby bringing emotional memories back to the viewer’s life.

I perceive these illustrations as communications between their souls to mine, as if they were trying to communicate through my lines to you. This is when I started Illustrating them and taking them out for a ride above the under ground world I find them, while visiting different cities of the world, like New York, Tokyo and Buenos Aires.

So far the vehicles I utilize to give Subway Soul Design a ride to you are T-shirts and Illustrations printed on canvas, although the options are endless. (i.e. Toys, furniture, textiles, industrial design, stationary)

Subway Soul Design is an ongoing project that keeps evolving every time I travel to a new part of the globe.

I invite you to get on and enjoy the ride with us!!


2009 The Artcomplex center of Tokyo, Japan

2008 Digital Fringe Festival, Melbourne, Australia

2007 Ivy Brown Gallery, New York, USA2007 Jetro, Argdis, Tokyo, Japan

2007 Vantan School of Design, Yokohama, Japan

2006 TL Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

2006 Digital Fringe Festival, Melbourne, Australia