An exhibition on mirroring inside out

Photo Credit: Toto Cullen


Reflected in the full length mirror in my bedroom IMPRESS YOURSELF motto daily evokes in me the spirit to act a new way of seeing and being.

IMPRESS YOURSELF prompts me to try out on putting myself upside-down to confront fears, expectations, intended attitudes, and to find my way to reconnect to my instinctual inner voice. That is the main concept of IMPRESS YOURSELF ER exhibition:

Looking at yourself mirrored through the art is a chance to put your assumptions inside out and change the point of view on yourselves; a key to revolt set structures by interior adventure and perception; art experience can directly provoke and evoke that deep voice capable of reroute and show new possibilities.

The IMPRESS YOURSELF exhibition works like an emergency room where artist-doctors serve the specific needs and sensibilities of each visitor-patient using media-treatments such as photography, painting, video and sound. Five artists-doctors will expose their perceptional tools to the guests, working on themes such as autobiography, dreams, self- perception, wishes and fears.

The I.Y.E.R. is a place in which guests are provoked, through art, towards self-observation. In I. Y.E.R, art is the starting point for the action and each visitor-patient is treated according to his own needs. Art becomes a catalyst for interior connection as a summoning of instinctive voice and a spark to awaken vital creativity.

I. Y.E.R it’s a chance to explore and allow changes through interaction with art to open up a new space of possibilities.

I. Y. ER aims to encourage visitors into a sensual auto-diagnosis experience through a range of different languages. It is up to each individual to take the step closer towards finding whatever it is that he or she is in search of.

IMPRESS YOURSELF E.R is a supportive, fun, multiple, simulating pit stop for sensing your mirroring self in a highly inspiring welcoming space.

IMPRESS YOURSELF has been published in Atelier crisis Book, part of PNRM09 Festival in Olot, Spain during May 28-30.