Concept: Building community

Love,  art & prosperity

Since 2009 we create space for community to come together, celebrate abundance and prosperity through food, art and yoga.

New York/Bologna/Mexico D.F

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Gnocchi mamma

How it all started

Gnocchi del 29, is a culinary cultural event to build community and celebrate abundance and prosperity in our lives and a platform for artists of various media to exhibit their work. The project was started as a direct response of the financial crisis peak in 2009. Many people were going through a lot, loosing jobs, not having money to pay rent, despair and anxiety and I felt there was a need for building and strengthening community. My vision was to create a sense of home comfort and remind prosperity into people’s lives, and decided I would create this space through bringing people together, food and art. The motto of Gnocchi del 29 is : Love, art and prosperity.  We are now running Gnocchi del 29 in USA, Italy and Mexico as well as pop up Gnocchi del 29’s in different parts of the world. Our vision is clear and steady and we are letting Gnocchi del 29 to guide us through its flow and evolution. Our next step is to make Gnocchi del 29 available to every household.

Gnocchi del 29 story and history

Historically, the 29th is the feast day of the Italian Saint San Pantaleon, who was canonized on this date. He practiced miraculous healings and reported abundant crops for the year to come to the farmers that fed him along his pilgrimage across Norther Italy during 8th century BC.

In January 2009 I started sharing this tradition  with my NY Family and Friends. A vibrant and strong community has become alive  since then and its active participation before, during and after the event it is one of the main elements that is making Gnocchi del 29 happen again every month. To me these community dynamics and evolution serve as a reminder that the ground base that makes the ebb and flow of human relations move around and beyond harmoniously is through cooperation.