“Sensual Art Upside down”

Saturday June 30th, Brooklyn

Doors open 730 PM
Food Served 830 PM. We enjoy dinner together, please come on time.

This month we’re taking the concept of sensual art upside down. Instead of making representations of sensual subjects, we will focus on the inherent sensuality in the process of creating art by focusing on what it feels like in our body.

Since 2009 Gnocchi del 29 builds community and celebrates abundance and prosperity in our lives and serves as a platform for artists of various media to exhibit their work. The motto is : Love, Prosperity and Art at the end of each month

Food is served 830 pm

Menu: “El Clásico”

Main: Gnocchi + oven roasted tomato sauce + Kesia’s sofrito pesto ( FYI the best sofrito in town)

White + Red wine + Herbal Tea

Dessert: Gillian’s raw bites

Featured artist: Meldoy Kiersz

During this evening of Sensual art upside down, we will lose all concerns regarding what the finished piece will look like, and enhance our experience with blindfolds. This makes this month’s Gnocchi the perfect opportunity for beginners or those who feel stuck with artist’s block.

To get us out of our mind and into our body, we will start with a yummy sensual yoga and movement class. A feeding exercise during our delicious gnocchi dinner will slide us deeper into our senses before we finally get to our sensual art.

Gnocchi+ Art+Prosperity Combo : $15

About Melody:
Melody Kiersz is the founder of Naked Wellness, a boutique wellness practice dedicated to guiding people to fall madly and wildly in love with themselves, from the inside out. A recovering art school drop-out, she is sharing this experiment with you as a way to get herself past her own blocks as an artist. Perhaps you will find it helpful too.

About Gillian: “Gillian is a Yogini and sweet soul, who explores and comes up with amazing Vegan treats in her magic kitchen. She is starting to offer them in some stores around the city and by special order.”


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