Presenting Gnocchi del 29’s sister event!

“Conscious Conversations with Creative Minds”

July 28th @730pm

Hari NYC

140W 30th Street, betwn 6th and 7th Aves

3rd Floor Buzzer #107

To keep it family style and introduce you all to our new sister location, this month Gnocchi is commuting to the Big Apple to gather with all of you at this magical space, where Gnocchi del 29 really feels at home and were magic things happen for everyone that spends some time there. It is the Tree House we all long for in the amazing city of NY. Hari NYC is a space dedicated to the expression of the creative spirit through the arts, spirituality, inquiry, yoga, and meditation. Hari Kaur, directs and teaches in-depth immersion study programs in Kundalini and energy studies and husband Dave Frank,  one of the busiest solo jazz pianists and music educators on the scene today are the driving force behind Hari NYC’s magic jazz and meditation programs.

Featured Artist: Ricardo Cuevas from Los Chamanes

Ricardo Cuevas was born in Chile, where the “Nueva Canción” (New Song) movement influenced him profoundly. He is one of the founding members and the main composer of the band “Los Chamanes”, that brings to life songs inspired by folkloric rhythms of South America, particularly from Chile, and lyrics that praise the best, and denounce the worst of today’s society.
Los Chamanes first CD, “Conjuros”, is a collection of 12 tracks, 6 of which are interpretations of songs composed by icons of the Nueva Canción movement, such as Violeta Parra and Victor Jara, and 6 original tracks composed by Ricardo. The band is now in the process of recording their 2nd CD, consisting of all original compositions.


Main:Gnocchi’s sister dish



sweet potato/cilantro/chipotle,

kale/feta/sundried tomatoes

Drinks: Iced ginger/lemon ginger tea + warm Yogi tea

Dessert: Gillians RAW sweetnes

About Gillian: “Gillian is a Yogini and sweet soul, who explores and comes up with amazing Vegan treats in her magic kitchen. She is starting to offer them in some stores around the city and by special order.”


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