“Aquarian Age manifesting in Brooklyn”

Saturday May 26th, Brooklyn

Doors open 730 PM
Food Served 830 PM. We enjoy dinner together, please come on time.


“In the Aquarian Age the emphasis is on group consciousness which will become aware of its connectedness”, this Gnocchi del 29′s month multiple featured artists came together with such ease and spontaneity that I was just thinking the Aquarian Age must be doing it’s job…just let it flow and you will be carried along!

One of them is Radha, bhakti Yogini, sharing her devotion through her food. Eating her food I feel the vibrations of her dedication and care while she cooks and I want to share this feeling with all of you. She came up with this month’s sauce and more surprises that I don’t even know about yet.
And yes, Art is part of this month as well, keep reading to find out about our main featured artists.


Main:Gnocchi with Brown Butter, Spinach and Pine Nuts

Drinks:White + Red wine + Chai

Dessert by Gillian Shapiro

Mouth-watering, decadent, dark chocolate truffle filled with chocolate hazelnut ganache… Two treats in one, really!! Yummmy!

Featured Artists: Josué Guarionex Colón Rosado – Yariza Colon

Guario uses wood to its maximum potential. He grew up in Puerto Rico learning to work all kinds of wood in his dad carpentry shop and watching his mom sew almost all his clothing. With more than a decade of experience building custom made furniture Guario started exploring wood as an art expression, using it to its maximum potential.
Yarisa Colón

Yarisa Colón Torres is a poet and makes hand made books.

Food + Art + Prosperity combo: $15

About Gillian: “Gillian is a Yogini and sweet soul, who explores and comes up with amazing Vegan treats in her magic kitchen. She is starting to offer them in some stores around the city and by special order.”

About Radha: “Radha Arena has been a student of Bhakti Yoga for over 20 years. She is dedicated to serving the Divine through kirtan and cooking vegetarian food for as many people as she can!
Radha lives in West Orange, New Jersey, where she works as a nanny, studies mrdunga (the Indian barrel drum) and harmonium. She is an avid student of all aspects of Indian vegetarian cuisine, and is enchanted by the whole range of this art form; from simple healing Ayurvedic dishes to more opulent preparations.”

Guests websites:


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