the art of I.D.entity show

Saturday April 28th, Brooklyn

Doors open 730
Dinner is served 830pm.
The intention at Gnocchi del 29 is to have dinner all together as we celebrate abundance and art every month. It’s just like when you meditate, the energy gets exponentially more powerful when we do it all together. Please be on time.

Every month that passes I have more fun with this event, collaborating closer with people in my community to make things happen and offering the space to explore their artistic expression.
I am having so much fun with this month’s guest artist already I can’t wait!

Durum Gnocchi + kale, roasted garlic, cured black olives + parmesan cheese

White wine + red wine + Chai tea

Desserts by Gillian Shapiro

“Vegan Summer Spring Flowers Truffle extravaganza”
*Ayurvedic cardamom, turmeric and chocolate
*Balsamic Chocolate

The Art Of I.D.entity is a show that explores the art of being through image, text and a collaborative viewing experience. It is a show that assumes Authentic Being as the highest form of artistic expression and asks the viewer to help determine how the projection of image determines and relates to the truth of selfhood. The show celebrates the tradition of gnocchi and prosperity by working with the viewer to
explore and embrace the abundance of multiple selfhood with which we are all blessed.

Throughout the show, the artist uses photographic images to explore the idea of identity, self and ‘authentic’ being. The viewer will be asked to identify and label each self and assign them attributes and characteristics. The projections of the viewers will be collected and shared as a group. A discussion on perception and selfhood will follow dinner.

Featured Artist: Elana Langer

Elana THE artist has been tirelessly perfecting the art of identity for the last 2 decades. Obsessed with finding her true self she has melted her being into international communities across cultural divides. Currently living as an orthodox jew, an artist in NYC, a villager in Sierra Leone, a nomad in Mongolia, a hippie in brooklyn, a producer in LA, a professor at the New School, a consultant in Silicon Valley, and a shaman’s helper in Columbia, Elana has moves through
selfhood and identity with mindful separation. In her first solo show she opens her practice of identity and (with the help of the participants) to fully explore the idea of integrated selfhood.

About Gillian:
Gillian is a Yogini and sweet soul, who explores and comes up with amazing Vegan treats in her magic kitchen. She is starting to offer them in some stores around the city and by special order.

Food, Art and Prosperity combo: $15

Rsvp via Pay Pal to patricia.buraschi@gmail.com
Once you make your payment you will get location of event.
Buon Appetito!


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