As summer is approaching this Gnocchi del 29 I am looking forward to share 16 Barras by Don Rimx and Alex Seel. A multimedia community project that can be traced around different parts of Brooklyn. Bike group showing-tours are being coordinated for the near future.


* Smoked Paprika Vegan Potato whole wheat Gnocchi + Oven roasted tomato sauce + Pesto Sauce + Parmesan + Bread

*White + Red Wine+ Chai tea


Chocolate Chip cookies


16 Barras by
Don Rimx and Alex Seel

The project has been developed by Puerto Rican artist Edwin Sepulveda aka Rimx and by American photographer/videographer Alex Seel and is currently midway through full conception in Brooklyn, NY.

The blueprint of “16 Barras” is the creation of a poem, divided into 16 murals around a specific neighborhood in Brooklyn. Each mural features a portrait of a neighbor in said community with one word of the poem. They are all enumerated to maintain continuity, making the lecture of the poem in its entirety possible. This creates a relationship between the art and its location, while invigorating pride within the community and its people. It also comments on the importance of the relationship between the process of making public art and the documentaion that perpetuates and allows us to thoroughly study the natural quality of an ephemeral art form, while also reflecting the significance of a portrait in an ever-changing landscape.

The entire artistic process is being documented through photography and video, setting the ambience of the neighborhood, its daily vivacity and the reaction of the residents who share this urban space. The documentation is completely natural without altering the normal daily flow. A map, including each of the pieces, is also being routed out so spectators can document the poem through their own personal urban journey, if they so desire.

Buon Appetito!


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