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515 Court Street, Carrol Gardens

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It was during the last New Years Eve I met Molly and part of the Goddamn Cobras Collective. We were all spending some good time and cooking for the evening, when I hear someone saying: She knows how to make Gnocchi! That’s when our love story became alive involving, Gnocchi, film , celebration, a skill share weekend in Massachusets, this month Gno-Bras collaboration and more coming soon. In the meantime this is what we would like to share with you! This month Gnocchi del 29 is collaborating with Molly from the Goddamn Cobras and Brooklyn Brainery in Carrol Gardens. Since January 2009 I started sharing Gnocchi del 29, a cultural tradition from my native Argentina, with my New York family and friends. Gnocchi del 29 is a culinary cultural event to build community, celebrate and be aware of the abundance and prosperity we have around in our lives at all times. We make Gnocchi… from scratch with the help of volunteers. The project’s motto is : Love, Prosperity and Art at the end of each month…. A different guest artist is invited every month to perform or exhibit their work.

Who: You + 2 friends



* Thyme infused Vegan Gnocchi + Oven roasted tomato sauce + Pesto Sauce + Parmesan + Bread *White + Red Wine+ Chai tea *


Guest Chef: Sarah Peltier of Woodside Bakehouse is contributing Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffles rolled in things like coconut, spicy cocoa, sesame seeds and pecans. Yum!


Molly Brolin: Forever Young

One hot summer a group of friends left Brooklyn at midnight and started west. 7 days they raced across America, hearts flying, youth abounding. Spontaneous and joyous events were recorded and fueled by creativity, and creation by freedom. Social inhibitions gave way to pure love. They slept in a great pile and fed each other nourishments of the edible kind as well as the soul kind.  In a few fleeting moments amongst sleeping arrangements made on a living room floor in Colorado by inspired twenty-somethings maddened by the summer heat, a faux porno materialized and was captured on film. This set of images is a glimpse into the heart of a collective feeling : FOREVER YOUNG

Molly Brolin is most known for her collaborations with the Brooklyn based Goddamn Cobras Collective. She enjoys exploring creativity in a multitude of artistic mediums, including photography, illustration, design, music and film.

Also appearing at the event will be other Goddamn Cobrartifacts from this epic american adventure including work from: Jackie Snow: Self-published magazine, “Forever Young: An Exploration of the Open Road”

Goddamn Cobras Collective: A screening of videos conceived and created collectively including “Tecate Bukkake” and “Forever Young'”.

Learn more about Brooklyn Brainery:


*5 spaces available for volunteers to make Gnocchi contact Patricia via Facebook for details*


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