An intimate Gnocchi del 29 gathering in San Francisco


* Whole wheat  Vegan Potato whole wheat Gnocchi + Oven roasted tomato sauce + Pesto Sauce + Parmesan + Bread

*White + Red Wine+ Chai tea


Raw coconut and macadamia cake


Alex Garcia

Garcia’s art is an intersection of complex textures, bold colors, function, and beauty, Inspired by the vibrance of his birthplace of Buenos Aires and childhood years in both Chicago and New York City,

 An evolution from his architectural training, his artistic career began with furniture design in 1988. His first tables were made of reclaimed wood glued side by side. Soon he discovered the joy of playing with a wide range of materials, including a combination of wood, metal, resin, glass, and more eclectic ingredients. His increasingly elaborate compositions combined his own stains with unique effects on wood.

 The natural next step was to move his vision to walls, where he is able to explore and expand shape, scale and form. He breathes new life and new meaning into discarded and reclaimed materials. The combination of textures, colors, and dimensions evokes nature in its pure, controlled, yet fanciful expression.

*Event’s photos


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