Brooklyn Sancturay
778 Bergen Street, Brooklyn

Love is in the Air! Come enjoy the Love infused Vegan Whole wheat Gnocchi with tomato and pesto sauce we are making from scratch this month with the help of amazing volunteers.



* Pink Home made Vegan Gnocchi + Oven roasted tomato sauce + Pesto Sauce+ Parmesan+ Bread

*White + Red Wine+ Chai tea



Brianna Rose Lutz
Brianna Rose Lutz lives and works in Brooklyn. Brianna creates sculpture, installation, marks, performance, and postcards. Her materials are consistently minimal: found objects and body. She uses her body as a tool and often motif. She is always looking to collaborate and appreciates those who do.
Currently Brianna is trying to keep her mind and body connected to fully engage with the world.


Guest DJ Mister Choon

Mister Choon aka Keat the Deejay does funky, soulful, upbeat mixtures of tunes that make you wanna move around & shuffle your feet. For genre nerds, Keat plays Disco Funk, Vintage Ska, Northern Soul, Jazz Funk, Synth Boogie, Rockabilly, Afrobeat, Psychedelic Funk, Funky Deep Cuts, Boogaloo, Latin Soul and did I mention Funk, Funk & Funk?