November 29th 7pm- no ending

Your meditation room

Tree of Opportunity + Intention + Projection + Awareness

As we are getting closer to the New Year, starting to think of the resolutions for the year to come, this November 29 we give you the present of the Tree of Opportunities, to start setting the tone and take some time to meditate on what it is you would like to bring into your life. We met one afternoon at the magical Omega Institute, a place that brought lots of beautiful gifts to my life.

The day I discovered The tree of opportunity was magical, the air was filled with loving classical music tunes coming from my friends violin, deep grounding sounds from my Didgeridoo and sacred mantra vibrations thought to me by Smriti, my yoga teacher in India.

New Opportunities manifesting

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If you are part of the ones that can’t live without Gnocchi del 29 every month check out this video on how to make Gnocchi…the italian way!