SOUL TECH on: Tune in

by Patricia Buraschi

Sister reflection of WORLD TECH by Nethunting (Gema Requena)

“There’s nothing which can be more precious in you than your own relationship with your own consciousness.” by Yogi Bhajan

Photo: Alina Schwarcz

I want to make a brief pause before I keep sharing more Kundalini Yoga techniques, to introduce you how to tune in before you start your Kundalini Yoga and meditation practice. Yogi Bhajan was a very special Master in a way that he never initiated students, he  always said came to the United States to create teachers and not students.  With enormous compassion and commitment he held the space and share the tools and techniques for transformation to occur in people’s lives. And with this in mind I am sharing this information with all of you today. We tune in to connect with the wisdom of the teachings, not a particular person or teacher, but the root where these teachings are coming from. The teachers that we encounter or become serve as a vessel to share this wisdom. To tune in we use the Adi Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, by chanting it we open a safe space to practice.

My first Kundalini Yoga book was Kundalini Yoga: Guidelines for Sadhana ( Daily practice)

and it is from it that I am sharing the meaning of the Adi Mantra.

Ong is the infinite creative energy in motion and manifestation

Namo has the same root as the word Namaste which means reverent greetings. It implies bowing down.

Together Ong Namo means “ I call on the creative infinite consciousness”, opening yourself to the universal consciousness that guides all action.

Guru is the teacher or the embodiment of the wisdom that on is seeking. Dev means divine or of God, in a non-earthly, transparent sense. Namo closing the mantra, reaffirms the humble reverence of the devotee. Taken together Guru Dev Namo means “I call on the divine wisdom”, whereby you bow before your higher self to guide you in using the knowledge and energy given by the cosmic self.

Illustration by Belén Requena Moreno
Illustration by Belén Requena Moreno

Ong Namo Gurudev Namo

“ I call on the creative infinite consciousness, I call on the divine wisdom”

How to tune in:

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight. If your hips are tight and your knees hurt, sit on a few folded blankets or a sturdy cushion to elevate your hips, this will release the tension from your knees.

  • Close your eyes focus in between your eyebrows and focus on your breath, take 3-5 deep inhales and exhales.

  • Bring your hands together and place your thumbs in the middle of your chest. Try to feel your heartbeat with your thumbs.

  • Inhale deeply, exhale.

  • Take one full inhale and chant Ong Namo.

  • Take one half inhale and chante Guru Dev Namo.

  • Repeat the chanting 2 more times.

  • Inhale deeply and hold your breath for 5 seconds, exhale.

Now you are ready to start your Kundalini Yoga practice.


P.S: If you are interested in finding more about this practice this book is a great basic tool, it explains you all about group Sadhana, its effects, why we want to practice during amrit vela (early hours of the morning) and it has great Kriyas and meditations as well. It’s worth while getting a copy!

Form Moll to On– #OOTD by Nethunting is the  WORLD TECH perspective of this topic.

Soul Tech/World Tech [Technologies of the Soul and the hue-man beings, that make the systems of the Self shine and perform harmoniously, and provide techniques how to integrate the technologies of the outside world and inside of the Self in our lives to bring happiness, holiness and health to us.]

Bibliography: Kundalini Yoga: Guidelines for Sadhana (Daily practice) by KRI


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