Soul Tech on: The “Meditator” kind

by Patricia Buraschi

Sister reflection of WORLD TECH by Nethunting (Gema Requena)

 “Now our lives are at a crossroads. On one side we are part of the material..and on the other side we are looking to the spiritual side of ourselves. Question is, do you go with today’s trends or do you adopt your own way of life and come out of it and be so? That is what this time demands. Find the truth, become the master of your energy and be you.”

inspired by the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

by Hari from Hari NYC

Sculptures by Tio Amado

Sculptures by Tio Amado

Over and over life keeps pointing me to the fact how we are all intertwined  at an molecular level and if  we are lucky we will have many chances to perceive the connection very tangibly. A very recent example in my life has brought to my attention the simple fact that meditation is available for all kinds of people, and all kinds of people are practicing it all over the world.  This might seem like an obvious statement, but even I find myself surprised at this fact.

Photo: Alina Schwarcz

Photo: Alina Schwarcz

I was recently honored to host David, a very dear person to me,   visiting New York for the first time.  David is a singer and tanguero, Yoga and meditation were not part of his conscious reality before this trip happened. I showed him my lifestyle, brought him to my friends, the Yoga studio where I teach (Hari NYC), we went to Sadhana for Guru Ram Das birthday with Kirtan led by Satrkirin Kaur Khalsa and I introduced him to my mentors and teachers.

As he was planning the visit he found out he has family here too, so we went to visit Tío Amado and Norma in Queens. During dinner, Tío Amado showed us the beautiful sculptures he carves out of thick branches he find on the street. Native American faces, eagles, Buddha like hair do’s….he told me he just “sees” these shapes in them….hhmm!Beautiful. I understand his sculptures as a dialogue his soul is having with his higher Self.

At one point in the evening Tío Amado leaves with David after giving him a massage to help him release this really bad shoulder pain he had for a few days.  After about half an hour, I notice it was getting late and I asked Norma to take me to them. We go to the basement where we meet them again and David comes out carrying a CD in his hand, Healing Mantras from Deva Premal. And he says: Tío Amado meditates early in

Sculptures by Tio Amado

Sculptures by Tio Amado

the morning before going to work. I look at him and I say: Of course he meditates! I started laughing remembering the sculptures . This is when I started realizing the magic that was happening in front of David’s eyes. That meditation time is when Tío Amado allows to be guided by his own heart beat, by his souls spark and vibration. And the sculptures to me are the material manifestation of this process in his life.

I love to be a spectator of this opening doors for David, constantly getting very tangible conversations or situations about meditation and how it benefits peoples lives since he arrived in NY, and from people he loves and strangers alike once he went back to Buenos Aires. Like the person who brought a mandala book to be printed by his print shop, or the Kundalini Yogini that brought him a Yoga manual to reproduce it 50 times, or the friend that told him he also meditates in the morning in his home’s backyard, or the tenant that arrived from Germany who is a Yoga teacher…and so on.

All these hints tells me not one type of human is the “Meditator” kind.  

Gema mentions in her article Public Branding 1.0 – 2.0 – 3.0 : “The public space and surroundings is one of the elements that goes along and influences with the changes of our trends”  I strongly believe these hints and gifts the universe places in front of our lives, enacted by other people that cross our daily life could be a way our higher Selves communicates what is best for us or to point where we need to pay more attention to keep evolving.

In her article Gema also says: “Interaction with the surroundings and the immediate on the go will be two qualities that go along with this trend called MIMMI” MIMMI has the intention to connect Minneapolis with its community participation on a physical and emotional level”

In my focus of observing and sharing about our Soul and Higher self I take this quote inside our bodies and decipher it for you in this way: Through meditation and continued practice of awareness as we go about our day, we will be able to start hearing the voice of our Soul and our intuition guiding us.  In my own experience their job is to guide us to live to our highest potential this time around, from wherever we are standing at any given time it speaks to us.

I keep reminding myself: Give yourself a chance today. Give the others the space to change.

This topic comes in handy  to share a Kundalini Yoga meditation called Long Ek Ong Kar or Morning call I am doing Thursdays at Hari NYC until November 21st. I am also teaching it to teenagers for 11 minutes as part of their class and I am in awe of the results I have been observing in them. The one that surprised me the most is this young boy who is very active and moves out of postures a lot throughout the class. He sat and chanted Long Ek Ong Kar for 10 out of 11 minutes before he started moving around and asking how much longer he had to go to reach the end.

I like the explanation about this mantra on Hari Singh’s site, so here it is. There you will find a lot of additional information about it. I am sharing the basics of the meaning and how to practice it here. You can practice it by itself after tuning in with Adi Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo


This meditation is practiced every morning at the beginning

of the Aquarian Morning Sadhana (daily spiritual practice).




* Strengthen your mind-set to be successful.

* Gain the drive and inspiration to pick up new skills.

* Achieve greater control over your thought patterns.

* Establish a profound connection with the subconscious mind.

* Improve your capacity for creative thought and problem-solving.

* Experience the Isolated Seer, be aware, detached and care-free.

* Refine your skill to become still, grateful, and to surpass limitations.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed while you practice 

Before starting the mantra remember to tune in



1) Sit with the legs crossed on the floor or sit on a chair with the feet flat on the floor.

2) Hands are on the knees with each thumb and forefinger touching. Palms are turned up.

3) Eyes are closed.

4) Spine is straight. Pull the chin back, but not down in order to align the neck straight with the spine.

5) Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times. Inhale deeply and begin chanting..

  •  Ek Onnnng Kaar; tongue against the palate on Onnnng, all the breath out, then inhale deeply and chant…
  •  Sat Naammmm Siri (sounds like City); vibrate the skull on Naammmm, all the breath out, then inhale 1/2 breath and chant…
  •  Whaa He GurUUUUU; all the breath out, then inhale deeply.


  • Ek Onnnng Kaar; tongue against the palate on Onnnng, all the breath out, then inhale deeply and chant…
  • Sat Naammmm Siri (sounds like City); vibrate the skull on Naammmm, all the breath out, then inhale 1/2 breath and chant…
  • Whaa He GurUUUUU; all the breath out, then inhale deeply. CONTINUE. (Click here for more detailed instructions.)

IMPORTANT: Pull the navel back sharply toward the spine during the expression of these 3 sounds, EK, SAT, and WHAA. Observe all the sounds resonating like a gong throughout the cranium. Keep your spine straight and maintain the neck lock. Continue for 11 or 31 minutes. Then, inhale deeply, hold the breath for 10 seconds, relax.(See ONG – The Meditation.)

The word sounds and the chakras affected:

EK means One: Affects First Chakra

ONG means Creator: Affects Second Chakra

KAR means Creation: Affects Third Chakra

SAT means Truth: Affects Fourth Chakra

NAM means Naam-Name-Identity: Affects Fifth Chakra

SIRI means Supreme: Affects Sixth Chakra

WHAHE GURU means Indescribable Wisdom: Affects Seventh Chakra


Please connect with me if you have any questions: patricia[.]buraschi[@]

Public Branding 1.0 – 2.0 – 3.0  by Nethunting is the  WORLD TECH perspective of this topic.

I dedicate this article to my soul family in New York, who constantly shows me appreciation, love and commitment to our friendship. I also dedicated to the great mysteries of life, who teach me how everything is in perfect balance even in those situations that we live as otherwise.

Soul Tech/World Tech [Technologies of the Soul and the hue-man beings, that make the systems of the Self shine and perform harmoniously, and provide techniques how to integrate the technologies of the outside world and inside of the Self in our lives to bring happiness, holiness and health to us.]

References: Long Ek ong Kar meditation from Hari Singh’s website


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