SOUL TECH on patience and trust

by Patricia Buraschi

This SOUL TECH article is a sister reflection of WORLD TECH La nanotecnología del cuerpo y el alma: el “human” tech by Nethunting(Gema Requena) and article  Internet dentro de mi by guest collaborator Pedro Mujica

It is indeed a challenge to give feedback to our ongoing conversational articles of WORLD TECH-INSIDE TECH to SOUL TECH. Sometimes a bit more difficult  than others to “download” the SOUL TECH view information that is activated in my in my brain in relationship to the articles Pedro Mujica and Gema Requena have write from their perspectives. But in general only a few minutes pass before my brain sends me a signal, a blinking light inside of me, pointing me to an example to share with you from the SOUL TECH perspective.

Patience seems to be going slimmer as technology keeps evolving and self trust I believe many times go hand in hand with it. Today Yogis and Saints are mixed in between us, taking the train during rush hours to go to work, to pay their bills, to feed their families, to finally get to the weekend to take a breath and hopefully relax. Thousands of years ago certain spiritual practices  were meant to do in isolation, in the caves or Mountain tops, to get to know the deepest secrets of humankind and spirit with no distractions. But then how would the wisdom be incorporated into society and carried on for the benefit of all? We don’t have time for that, the time to share has come!

POtato coliflour curry

Potato cauliflower curry by Nati Andra Cocinanco

In Kundalini Yoga, the householder Yoga, we need energy to go on with our busy lives and for that one of the things we do is to incorporate Ginger, garlic, onion (Trinity roots) which are part of the rajasic foods in Ayurveda tradition, known to be stimulative to our body and minds, and therefore useful  to keep our energy up and be able to take care of our daily responsibilities. There are also many meditations and Kriyas (complete actions) and pranayamas (breathing techniques) that support our lifestyle and cultivate peace of mind and a strong physical and energetic body.

Like Pedro tells us in his article: Internet dentro de mi  and I mentioned in SOUL TECH on Interdependence, religion and spirituality have been pointing to the Self to remind us to search there for all the wisdom that there is. But who wants to do the work of getting up in the Ambrosial hours of the day (4Am-7AM) when most of the living beings are still asleep? The Sun and the Earth are at an ideal angle to each other at that time, during which we are more prone to receive blessings from the Mother Earth and G.O.D (Yogi Bhajan’s acronym Generator, Organizer, Destroyer). Sadhana (daily practice) takes a lot of patience and commitment and if you are curious and intrigued enough, you will find the courage to do it and find out for yourself that indeed a lot of answers come to you from the inside.

When the conversation between You, your higher self and G.O.D is ON it doesn’t

Photo: Alina Schwarcz

Photo: Alina Schwarcz

end when your practice finishes, because your day becomes your Sadhana and your Sadhana becomes your life. Don’t be discouraged, there is no rush or set timeframe for this to happen. Once you start the journey you won’t believe how beautiful you are and your strength will multiply by millions and at the same time your Ego will fight you back. Have trust and set your intention clearly in your minds eye. It is starting a relationship with YOU, have you met yourself before? deeply, lovingly with compassion? have you ever thought about this? The impatience and anxiety we carry in our blood makes us jump from one place to the next, one relationship to the next, but we you don’t know enough of ourselves. How can we think of relating to another human and expect a miracle that life will make it all magic and seamless and effortlessly? This is not to say to leave all World Technology outside of your life, that is already inevitable and why would we want to do that anyways? It is useful. That would be equal as being in the cave or mountain top like the Yogis thousands of years ago. This is our reality, integrate, integrate, be patience. We are worthwhile the journey and the effort to get to know ourselves. The outside World will come full on to thank your inside world in infinite ways! After all this modern day Yogis might be the scientist that are coming up with all the technology in an effort to give you a glimpse of how beautiful you are inside. OH! One more thing...remember you are unique and the sight of yourself is the only expression like it in the whole world….Doesnt’ it itch to try?

I recently finished taking a Level II Kundalini Yoga module on Conscious Communication, where we did a meditation that I believe it is great to start understanding how we can impact our lives and the environment we interact with each time we take a breath.

I dedicate this article to all my teachers who share wisdom with me and trust me to pass it along to others with my own words and through my own experience. Thank you Alina Schwarcz, Natalia Andra ad Sole Rebel for sharing your perspective of this article through your arts.

 Soul Tech/World Tech [Technologies of the Soul and the hue-man beings, that make the systems of the Self shine and perform harmoniously. And how to integrate the technologies of the outside world and inside of the Self in our lives to bring happiness, holiness and health to us.]


Meditation to teach you to pray:

MUDRA ( hand posture) : Interlace your fingers so the left Mercury finger ( pinky finger) is on the outside. Extend your Jupiter fingers (index fingers) up straight. Cross the thumbs, so right is over left. Place this mudra in front of your heart center so the thumbs are very close to the chest, and Jupiter fingers are pointing straight up toward the ceiling. The elbows will be bent.

Illustration by Sole Rebel

Illustration by Sole Rebel

EYES: Closed or 1/10th open

FOCUS: -You can record this section and play it as you meditate.

Build an image of yourself. You are still and radiant. Your breath is slow deep and meditative. Imagine you are sitting on the top of Mt. Everest, so all he world is around you. Consider your spine is like a tube of light. There is light between the base of your necj and the base where you are sitting. now it is sending out light rays. You can send waves to the entire globe with each thought. Your prayer is like a stone, which is dropped in the middle of some water. It creates waves and ripples. Feel yourself as the waves and ripples go on and out unto Infinity. The power of your soul is the pure power. Let the power of your soul vibrate out. It has no limit or boundary. With each breath and with the ripples of your heartbeat, project, bless, and be blessed. Merged in Infinity and let Infinity find you too.

TIME: Do it for 11 minutes.

TO END: Do heavy Breath of Fire, holding the position, to awaken yourself out of the meditation. Continue for 1 minute. Then stretch your arms out to the sides, forearms bent up at about 45-degree angle, palms down. Begin circling just your hands, right hand counterclockwise and left hand clockwise, in 6-inch (15 ctrs) circles. But don’t just circle them. Stop every so often as the hands are up and out to the sides, and flutter your fingers a little, as if you are sending off energy to the environment and space around you.


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