SOUL TECH on Interdependence

by Patricia Buraschi

This SOUL TECH article is a sister reflection of WORLD TECH Crowdsource Cities by Nethunting (Gema Requena)

“Nobody can afford the thought to be independent because even our life is dependent on our breath.” Yogi Bhajan

Photo: Alina Schwarcz

Photo: Alina Schwarcz

In this times in which the idea that ALL the answers we are looking for are “suddenly” inside of ourselves, and that the idea of the distant journey roads we have walked in search for answers about the meaning of Life and the Self are also inside of us must be jaw-dropping for many. With the change of  Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age the focus from which the concepts of wisdom and knowledge arise is from the Self, experiencing them with each breath in the daily life each of us has chosen to live, with its up and downs, the jobs from 9am-5pm,  the reality of single parenting or the desperation of not knowing when the next meal will come, not necessarily the perfect situations we sometimes envision we would have to be in to experience bliss.

The experience and gifts from life come from living it and getting to know these inner roads each of us have. Once we find a doorway to a new room we are blessed with a message or an answer that brings meaning to another piece of the puzzle. The inside roads we got to know, walk and interact with, now become a tool for communication and interaction with the outside world, a way to give and receive guidance, help and acceptance to and from others. The core of our being becomes more clear and comfortable and in this process we start understanding that although our body carries a soul which is a unique combination of qualities that make up who we are, we start feeling at a core level the “sameness” of other beings and us. Yes, the journey is individual and sometimes can feel very lonely, but we exist with others, we are interdependent.

Bottled Plants

Illustration: Sole Rebel

Interdependence is happening on multiple levels simultaneously, the Self, in communities, in organizations and cities. Please explore the meditation on Interdependence as taught by Yogi Bhajan after this article. Crowdsource Cities by Nethunting is the  WORLD TECH perspective of this topic.

I dedicate this article to all my teachers who share wisdom with me and trust me to pass it along to others with my own words and through my own experience.

 Soul Tech/World Tech [Technologies of the Soul and the hue-man beings, that make the systems of the Self shine and perform harmoniously. And how to integrate the technologies of the outside world and inside of the Self in our lives to bring happiness, holiness and health to us.]

 Patricia Buraschi

Meditation for Interdependence

Taught by Yogi Bhajan on November 6th 1990

 Posture: Sit in Easy Pose (cross legged), hands in relaxed position ( on your knees), make a strong clucking sound with your tongue striking and releasing against the upper palate. The tongue presses the upper palate and breaks free from it with a force. It pulls forcefully on the upper palate at a rate of approximately 2 clucks per second.

 Time: NOT MORE THAN 3 minutes

 Comments: The person most slave-like is the one who is trying to prove he is independent-because life is totally interdependent

 Comment by Yogi Bhajan about this meditation: Nobody can afford the thought to be independent because even our life is dependent on our breath.Dependency starts on that which this body lives. How independent can you be?

Your life depends on the central ear. There are three bones. One hammer bone strikes the other bone. If that bone stops hammering, you are done. Your whole worlds of listening depends on your two ears. Your whole universe depends on your two eyes, whether you see or not. If your two nostrils stop breathing, you are dead. Within us still we say, “ I want to be independent. I want to prove it to everybody.” For what to whom? There is certain reality in us, a certain depth in us, a certain self in us. If we enlarge that then we can overcome.

 The idea of life is prosperity. Prosperity does not mean that you have lot of money and you sit on it. Beauty is not just that you look young and beautiful and charming and sensual and sexual. Beauty is many things: beauty in manners, beauty in behaviour, beauty in personality, and beauty in making the deals and dealing with people. Every aspect that is wonderful and beyond wonderful is beautiful. Every human that acts to answer the call of duty in a perfectly direct or indirect manner is the most beautiful human in relationship to that act. That is how life is and that is how we have to live life.

Stimulate your hypothalamus by doing this exercise but please don’t do it more than three minutes. More than three minutes and it’s no longer and exercise, it becomes an addiction. I’d like to go on record and warn you that you are entitled to do it for three minutes only.

Bibliography: Success and the Spirit. An Aquarian Path to Abundance.

Published by the Kundalini Research Institute


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