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These times we are living in, in which technology is getting into the breath of our souls, how do you integrate all of it in your reality?

physcial subtle bodiesAn extensive evening conversation about life, living, technology and the Soul is what started this new collaboration with Gema (Nethunting). WORLD TECH/SOUL TECH SOUL TECH. Combined WORLD TECH & SOUL TECH creates a new and  dynamic conversation to which you are invited in. WORLD TECH is directly connected with Gema’s project mission Nethunting, linked to everyday situations, trends and values that start appearing, derived from technology and social media. The other section of SOUL TECH, which I write, creates solutions that proposes ancient techniques and technologies to incorporate the WORLD TECH topic in discussion with balance and harmony  into people’s daily lives and bodies. In some cases SOUL TECH offers a comparable holistic practice in relation to the topic in discussion in WORLD TECH, to open the prism of a specific topic and observe how it can be applied differently depending our focus . I will identify these as Comparable point of view at the begginning of the article.

This conversation happened during last visit of Gema  in New York, when she presented her book Una Cololhunter en Nueva York at Instituto Cervantes and I was invited to host a Pop Up Gnocchi del 29, which she used in her book to explain the crowsourcing dyanmics in New York City.

Una Coolhunter en Nueva York from Emily Calhoun on Vimeo.


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