Kundalini Yoga Therapy for arthtitis: Research one heart beat at the time

Kundalini Yoga captivated me from the beginning 12 years ago when I started practicing for it’s almost immediate positive effect on my physical body and general well being. Once I was drawn to it deeper and started exploring the material and practicing different sets ( Kriya),  I discovered that information about the scientific aspect of the Kriyas (complete action) can be found easily. Last Thursday,  I started a Kundalini Yoga class in english at 10 Am at my home studio in Buenos Aires, with a woman that suffers from arthritis in her knees, this give me the opportunity to look for material to help her feel better. It is exciting when the information can be used to improve other people’s well being.

It sounds simple, but imagine that each good and positive action you take creates a wave of well being into the planet earth and its inhabitants…Maybe wars and disease will come to an end. 

Try to experiment in your household or at work, an environment you have direct access to and also are affected by its circumstances. Try it for a whole week, then a month, then 40 days….that’s how long it takes to break a habit. It can be as simple as smiling and greeting your peers good morning every day….think simple! Sometimes those thoughts are the ones that create the biggest impact in our lives.

Sat Nam ( In Gurmukhi it means, I am truth and truth is my identity)

My Kundalini home Yoga studio in Buenos Aires

My Kundalini home Yoga studio in Buenos Aires


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