Yoga for children: asking them to lead empowers them


I think of the children and how annoyed they must feel all day long receiving statements of what to do, what not to do and how to do everything, it must be hard to grow up! I have forgotten and I am now remembering through them. In some cases it can be easily noticed in their behavior that they are tired of it too. When I saw this pattern in my Kundalini Yoga classes, expressed through students boycotting the class with bathroom breaks, endless questions, teacher mocking etc etc, I decided to switch places and ask the children to lead, supporting them along the way. Immediately I noticed that giving them the space, empowers them and calms them down, they feel recognized and valued. I enjoy to see the switch in them, their tone of voice, their posture and their language when they are teaching. It is a seed that it is planted in them, full of potential to develop a beautiful, confident and graceful human being. One class at the time.

Kids teach me so much when I teach them Kundalini Yoga.

Enjoy the Yoga book for children I wrote with my friend and expert Beth Maderal


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