Welcome to my Kundalini Yoga home studio in Buenos Aires!


Kundalini Yoga manual. Yogi Bhajan’s portrait, he brought this style of Yoga to the United States.

It’s been almost six months since I moved back to Buenos Aires. Living in a cozy and quiet apartment in Abasto, in the center of Buenos Aires, makes it easy to access to Palermo, San Telmo, Recoleta and other parts of the city. I feel almost every Bus line in Buenos Aires has part of their route within a 3 block radius from my home. This makes me very happy! While starting to organize about what I would do here in Buenos Aires about work, offering Kundalini Yoga and Didgeridoo sound healing sessions were first on my list – followed by Art of course. I started contemplating the idea of renting a room in the neighborhood to offer the classes, when a close friend of mine suggested to do it at home. It took a few weeks to sink in and when it did I moved things around, I changed a standing bookshelf for shelves on the wall, I created a space to teach with a Sari another good friend of mine brought from India and I hung the “Ek Ong Kar” on the wall. Done! I was ready to start. Now it’s been five weeks and students are joining the class, coming to try it out and spreading the word to others. For when the spring is here I hope to have my Patio filled with plants and extend the studio outdoors too. Classes are offered Thursday 5-630 in English and 7-830 in Spanish. I will add more classes as needed. Rsvp needed to attend class What’s App 1160349502HOmestudio ports

Private sound healing Didgeridoo sessions are also available, focusing on Menstrual cycle harmonization. But don’t hesitate to contact me for any other inquires or concerns that you might have.

Below I share an article My Beautiful Air, a blog for expats in Buenos Aires, just wrote about my Studio.

Kundalini Yoga Classes in Buenos Aires


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