Part II: Argentinean and starting to dance tango in New York?

“To conquer the unknown you must trust.” Yogi Bhajan


The answer to the question I was looking for  becomes obsolete if I forget the word INTEGRATION on a daily basis. It is not the answer that is so important now, but how I approach and interact with it. That is how I feel. We give meaning to each moment and person in life, and we use it to identify time and place, to keep track of where we are standing and how we are feeling throughout our journey. INTEGRATION to me throws into relief the fact that a point in time is simultaneously composed by multiple points itself over and over. A person’s life experience, circumstances that they had to live through, geographic location and the story of the land they live in, previous partners, sons, daughters, hopes, regrets, dreams, fears and the points go on and on. Like a painter’s pallet containing colors we love and some we might not love so much. The pivot is very fine, do I stay on the surface to come to a conclusion of  how a person is, based on one event or quality or do I go in, in, in and even more into the person’s essence to feel if it’s right for me? If it is right essence for the colors I am composed of? Almost like my trip to India, which peeled crusts and layers that where there, but in essence they didn’t belong to me.

Peeling, peeling and giving space to flourish with the TRUST that the Universe, Guru, God, whatever you think is out there knows exactly what is perfect for you. I am not yet able to exist in this complete faithful state of mind at all times. When I deviate and my brain wants to find out or plan for the future beyond anything reasonable, my head starts spinning out of control. And luckily that day there is a small fresh space in me that asks me: Patricia is there anything wrong RIGHT NOW, AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT? Fortunately the answer has been NO 99.9999% of the times. Big relief invades me and my head stops spinning, my attention comes back to NOW and I am able to appreciate the beauty of the life happening right in front of my eyes.


Buenos Aires

I do belief that this same Guru, God and creator places exactly what we need in our life to keep evolving spiritually. DEEPER TRUST is the one I feel I have been upgraded to in unison with INTEGRATION. And in this spirit it is that I moved to Argentina with my handsome partner. I have been advised to leave room for magic to come in once I am in Argentina, not to plan to much what I will be doing for work. If you know me, you must be laughing already, because you know how my creative mind blooms ideas like a spring afternoon. We let it run for a while and now the time has come to let it rest, we arrived in Buenos Aires February 6th at 440AM. Only one thing I am certain, everything I have to offer is inside of m, and I trust that anywhere I go I will be able to keep sharing what I have to give to others. The only difference from now on is  I can refer to ME as WE.

If you like to read how the story started click on: Part I

Try this meditation for Trust:

Meditation for Trust as thought by Yogi Bhajan:

Sit in easy pose. Life the arms up over the with the right palm over the left for males and left palm over the right for females. Thumbs are touching. The palms are down and over the crown area with the elbows slightly bent.
Whisper Wahe Guru with the eyes slightly open and gazing at the upper lip.
Meditate for 11 minutes.

You can find it in Sadhana Guidelines as Meditation for Brosa

Using an audio can be of help. Satkirin Kaur Khalsa has Wahe Guru track in Ignite your Light.

P.S: Share Yoga with your children, students and young ones in your family. This was my inspiration when I wrote Learn Play Practice: Yoga for Children with Beth Maderal in collaboration with Girls Prep Bronx in New York and Smriti Chakravarti founder of Om Yoga International Health Society in India.

Spanish edition

German edition

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