SOUL TECH on Projection

by Patricia Buraschi

Sister reflection of WORLD TECH by Nethunting (Gema Requena)

“If your own words have the strenght of the Infinite in them and are virtuous, and you value them, you are the greatest of the great. If you do not value your words, you have no value. Your own word is your value as human being. Your word is your value” Yogi Bhajan


Photo: Alina Schwarcz

The power and projection of our words and thoughts and the impact that they have in our world tend to be taken lightly or completely overlooked by ourselves.  The sound of our voice and the wave length of our thoughts are tangible vibrations and interact with the world outside once spoken or thought, and we still tend to blame others for the realities we live. Can you think of one situation in your life where this applies? Each vibration has a different frequency, the higher the frequency, the less dense, and more etheric the quality of the vibration we hear and speak, the more our vibrational frequency is raised. It is great when you are having a good day and good thoughts and being gentle and caring with your words. And what about when you wake up emotional and reactive to what comes to you or even yourself for just being the way you are? In Kundalini Yoga we use the technology of Mantra, Man=mind Trang=wave or projection. We repeat them either silently or out loud, and this action is a conscious method of controlling and directing the mind. It doesn’t really matter if we actually understand the meaning of the sounds or not, it is the positive vibration and qualities that these words carry that we are invoking as we repeat them over and over. The mantras used In Kundalini Yoga are used to elevate or modify consciousness through their meaning and rhythmical repetition. It is beneficial to link a mantra with the breath.  We chant them for 3, 7, 11, 31, 62 minutes long or 2.5 hours depending on the practice we are doing and the experience we have. Start with 3 minutes, every day at the same time. It is more important that you develop consistency and regularity every day for a short time than that you do 62 minutes of the practice once a week. The effect of the mantra is cumulative.


Photo: Alina Schwarcz

Yes! It takes time to reprogram our thought pattern and establish a new fresh circuit in our brains, with commitment, dedication and devotion overtime even the cells in  your body will start vibrating these sounds. So start with 3 minutes for 40 days and then add 1 minute every consecutive week mantaining the daily practice at the same time. You might not notice at first, and then one day you find yourself walking and the mantra is playing by itself in your inner soundsystem. There are a few key elements to consider to make the mantra effective. That is why we usually use a recorded version of the chosen mantra to keep us on track, Yogi Bhajan also recommended to record our own voice and practice with that.

Key elements to consider when chanting mantra:


  • Rhythm: The most important element is to maintain a crsip, precise rhythm. Strictly maintian the correct number of beats for the specific mantra. ( Most Kundalini Yoga Mantras are chanted in 8 beats, though some will be in 6 beats or other rhythmic configurations.)


  • Projection: When you chant a mantra, you are projecting your prana, or life force. Project form the purity of your soul. Be conscious which chakra you are projecting.


  • Pronunciation: Use the correct pressure of the tongue on the meridian points. Maintain the correct balance and rhythm of the syllables making up the words.


A simple exercise is to start paying close attention to how the words we use and the thoughts we have, place us in or out of different circumstances, moods and  emptions and how these make us feel. The more obvious might be the thoughts, since it is just us and our mind creating realities that we either benefit from or compltley derail us creating sadness, depression and even despair or joy, hope and compassion. Would you say that you have the power to create your own reality and that your life is a result of how you direct that orchestra inside your head?



Deliciousness by Nati Andra Cocinando

I want to share a few mantras you can use in your daily life, you can also make your own and play around. I suggest you to take special attention at how your body reacts to these and how they make you feel. If you are not used to paying attention at these subtleties, be patient and practice, overtime you will start having a conversation with yourself and honor these moments and signs. Feel it with your breath, with your body, with the sound of your voice.


  • When you wake up in the morning tell yourself out loud: “Good morning”

  • In the bathroom mirror look into your eyes after you wash your face and brush your teeth: “You are beautiful, today is your day to shine!”. Smile at yourself, even if you woke up in a bad mood. Practice, practice!

  • One that we use a lot in Kundalini Yoga is: “I am bountiful, I am beautiful, I am blissful. Excell, excell, fearless!” Enjoy making your breakfast singing this mantra.

  • Repeat Sat Nam when you walk to the bus or train to go to work in the morning. Sat when you inhale, Nam when you exhale. Sat Nam means I am truth and truth is my identity. It is a greeting we use in the community to identify those qualities in the person we are greeting as well as in ourselves.

  • When you are freaking out: Stand in place, spread your feet hip width apart, your arms next to your side relaxed. Feel your feet on the ground, visualize inhaling from the earth through your left feet and think Sat. Exhale through the right feet into the Earth and think Nam. Repeat until you find your center.


When you are comfortable practice with your communication to others, try it out with people with whom you usually would have some challenges communicating clearly. Like your family, dad, mom, siblings. Yesss, that is the best and most challenging place to practice patience, compassion and grace. Try it out!


TECH- THOUGHTS, Pensamientos 3D – del IN al OUT by Nethunting is the  WORLD TECH perspective of this topic.

I dedicate this article to Veronica Pitbladdo, my dear friend who first introduced me to Kundalini Yoga more than a decade ago. I am grateful to all  my teachers who share wisdom with me and trust me to pass it along to others with my own words and through my own experience.

Soul Tech/World Tech [Technologies of the Soul and the hue-man beings, that make the systems of the Self shine and perform harmoniously, and provide techniques how to integrate the technologies of the outside world and inside of the Self in our lives to bring happiness, holiness and health to us.]


The Aquarian Teacher, Yogi Bhajan PHD

The flow of eternal power by Shakti Parwha Kaur


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