Technologies of the Soul to integrate technologies of the world

 These times we are living in, in which technology is getting into the breath of our souls, how do you integrate all of it in your reality? I’m starting to work with Gema Requena, founder of Nethunting to bring balance and harmony into people’s lives through ancient technologies. These technologies are ones of the Soul and the hue-man beings, the ones that make the systems of the Self shine and perform harmoniously. So we are talking about how to integrate the technologies of the outside world and inside of the Self in our lives to bring happiness, holiness and health to us. Gema was recently in New York presenting her book Una Cololhunter en Nueva York at Instituto Cervantes and I was invited to host a Pop Up Gnocchi del 29, which she used in her book to explain the crowsourcing dyanmics in New York City. After this event and our extensive conversations about life and living is that we started brainstorming about this new collaboration about sharing technologies of the Soul to integrate technologies of the world in people’s lives.



Una Coolhunter en Nueva York book presentation at Instituto Cervantes


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