We are getting so close to publishing the book!

read, learn, practice: yoga for children

A global Safari adventure

It’s been an amazing journey so far, and every time I think it is almost done I have to laugh, because it is just starting. People outside of the team creating this project are starting to hear about the book and getting very excited. We have good news for everyone! We are now in the last steps of production and polishing details of our book READ, LEARN, PRACTICE: YOGA FOR CHILDREN- A global Safari adventure. Making sure and the best we can to represent everyone involved the right way, this is a very sensitive process for a lot us, when what we are doing comes from the heart and we feel it deep in our skin. I am humbled at the guidance, compassion and trust I have received from my teachers, friends and everyone involved in making this book come to the physical plane. Beth Maderal and me have been friends for many years now and we have worked very hard to make this book happen. Beth’s trust in my vision and commitment has made it possible for me to share this Book’s vision with Girls Preparatory Charter School of the Bronx, a Public Prep School. Her gift in teaching Yoga to children is very bright and that inspires not just the kids but their parents as well. Throughout this process of making the project of the book grow I feel we are growing up together big time, personally, professionally and spiritually. We choose to uplift each other and I am grateful for the compassion, space and support we create for one another to break through succesfully when the project presents us with a challenge.

It is very exciting to see a vision become a reality with the support of my immediate community. Stay tuned. We’ll soon have Facebook page and website where you will be able to share your Yoga experience with us.




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