Publishing my first book: Read, Learn, Practice; Yoga for Children

Getting ready for the photo shoot at Girls Preparatory Charter School of the Bronx, a Public Prep School. Photo by Toto Cullen

Hi there,

Sharing this dream came true with all of you is a big deal for me!  For almost two years I have been working on Read, Learn, Practice: Yoga for Children  in collaboration with Girls Preparatory Charter School of the Bronx, a Public Prep School and Beth Maderal, who teaches Yoga and Dance as part of the school’s core curriculum. We are now in the last steps before publishing the book and wanted to connect with the Public Prep Community to share the story about how this dream came to be.

During my first trip to India in 2009, I was blessed to meet and study with Smriti Chackravarti, a great Yogini. She led me to a deepened knowledge and practice of Yoga and  has helped me to discover my Self. After returning to New York, I was inspired to share the gifts from that experience in a book for children, their parents and their teachers. My vision is to gift children with the tools to develop positive qualities in their personalities, to live with a greater peace of mind, and to be grounded despite what is happening around them throughout the day. Read, Learn, Practice – Yoga for Children is designed so that children may receive the tangible interactive support of their parent or teacher. I hope this book inspires both children and adults to explore Yoga.  I know there are  great benefits  available to those who commit to the journey.

We are looking for support to promote and present this project. In locations like, but not limited to  Yoga studios, holistic centers, educational trade shows, social media, fundraising events. If you would like to hear more, share ideas or come on board please contact me at:


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