Gnocchi del 29: Shamanic Expression in Paint and Poetry

**Last Brooklyn Gnocchi del 29 of the season**

Saturday October 27th,  7-11pm

Dinner served 730pm



Guest Artists: Naomi Ruth and Dilcia Gonzalez (aka Soul Rebel)

Shamanism is defined by modern healer Carla Meeske as a “way of walking, hearing, seeing and being that connects us to the world beneath the world, the spirit that is inside, outside, enmeshed in and parallel to the ordinary world we perceive every day.” In this transformative and intensifying time, many of us are discovering that we can be more connected to ourselves and each other by exploring the tools, medicines, and modes of existence that are often glazed over and hidden from the consciousness of Western culture and education. Some of us may be just awakening to the voices of ancestors and guides inside and around us who echo the call to be more authentic, more expressive, more connected, more purposeful in our daily lives.

At this special event, Gnocchi del 29, we come together each month to to build community and celebrate abundance and prosperity in our lives. Gnocchi del 29 is a platform for artists of various media to exhibit their work. Our motto: Love, Prosperity and Art at the end of each month

Love+Prosperity+Food Combo $15


Gnocchi + Halloween squash sauce + toasted sesame + parmesan cheese

Red+White wine+herbal tea

Chocolate Chip cookies

This month you will be introduced to two New York City artists who are intent on bold self-expression and empowering conversations with their art and their communities: Dilcia Gonzalez-Queiro (aka Soul Rebel) and naOMi ruth. The acknowledgment of shamanic expression in their histories and present lives has influenced the current work of both women in subtle and obvious ways. Guests will have the opportunity to view and listen to their work, as well as witness and participate in a live art performance that incorporates the fascinating spirit of human experience and connection in ways that are likely to surprise and the delight the artists and their beloved community.

Dilcia Gonzalez (aka Soul Rebel) is a walking and traveling artist, and New Yorker, by way of the island of Kiskeya, known to most as Hispaniola or the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The daughter of a folk art painter and a professor, she has always been supported in the value of artistic growth and expression. An illustrator by trade, Soul Rebel’s voice can be seen as well as heard. She focuses on an organic approach to painting, allowing the mediums to form their own images, in a form of divination, if you will. There is a lot of focus in the energy that can be captured whether in a portrait of a human, or other living beings, and in the abstract expression of different marks on a page. She is also a storyteller through graphic novel, trying to capture the voices of the long gone ancestors of the caribbean people, as well as those yet to come.

naOMi ruth is a poet, astrologer, and jane-of-all-grades teacher whose creative identity continues to expand and manifest in accordance with her belief that human beings are limitless. she has called Brooklyn home base for 12 years and finds in her voice and story a brilliant bouquet of nomadic living. her work in all forms reflects the belief that the word is love, and that there is gladly little else to do, be or talk about.


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