“When you don’t make a choice, someone or something will do it for you”

The Art of Manifesting Prosperity through meditation, Didge Sound Seal and Art

with Patwinder Kaur and Patricia Buraschi

Sunday, September 30th 2pm-5pm, Brooklyn, NY

Email: patricia.buraschi [at] gmail.com for Location info.

ImageIn this workshop you learn, through meditation, Didge Sound Seal and Art, how to deprogram your mind that asking for things you WANT is bad, egoistic and selfish and allow the expansive flow of the Universe into your Life to bring in the million things you need.

Have you ever considered that you are always creating? even with the most minute movements you make? When you bring into your consciousness and acknowledge the fact that you are always creating, you open space filled with new possibilities. This new place from where you look at yourself now, invites you to become the director and producer of your own life.

Home made Ayurvedic snacks and tea will be served

Your pass into prosperity starts when you start making that choice for yourself.

Pass: $35-$50

530pm-630pm Free introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop with Patwinder Kaur.
Ayurvedic Workshop date 10/6 3pm-6pm in Tribeca.

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