Gnocchi del 29 – Conscious conversations and Creative minds

Present: “Bedroom Secrets” WITH SHARON ROTHMAN



Your bedroom may hold the secret to creating the loving, abundant life you want. Tonight, Sharon Rothman shares Feng Shui secrets for transforming your NYC bedroom into a sanctuary that supports love, peace, good health and prosperity.
***Bring a sketch of your bedroom floor plan – you may get the chance to reveal your own bedroom secrets!

Sharon’s work has helped people around the world define their lives, find peace, loving relationships and good health, and create safe nurturing spaces that support their highest good.

MENU: Food served at 8pm

Main: Vegetarian menu in the works.

Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies.

Drinks: Green tea and ginger home made iced tea.

Food, Art, Prosperity combo: $15

About Sharon:

“I believe we already have everything we need to heal, love and live vital, fulfilled lives – we just need to re-learn our connection to it.”

Sharon Rothman is an intuitive energy healer and wholefoods cook, who transforms living spaces, Earth energies and people into balance and harmony. Her energy, creativity and vitality are testaments to the magic of living in partnership with Nature and eating in harmony with the Earth.

Sharon’s 30 years of study include Taoist philosophy and Macrobiotics with master, Michio Kushi; Intuitive Feng Shui® certification and 9-Star Ki Astrology with William Spear (illustrating his best selling “Feng Shui Made Easy”); Geomancy, dowsing and sacred geometry; and furthering her metaphysical development through personal experience in I Ching, shamanic meditation, yoga-based Wave Work Therapy and transformational co-creative teaming with Nature.
Bon Appetite!


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