Kundalini Creativity flow and Didgeridoo seal relaxation workshop

At Hari NYC

Saturday May 19th (time tba)

140 West 30th Street #3W (3rd floor) New York, NY 10001

with Sukh Atma Kaur (Patricia Buraschi) and Guy Robinson

Stimulation and inspiration are around us everywhere, sometimes making it difficult to focus and channel our creative energy with discipline making our attention jump around leaving unfinished projects behind (creative, personal, work).

In this Kundalini and Didgeridoo seal relaxation workshop we will work on strengthening your core centre, the place where confidence and groundness resides. When your focus shifts from the head to the heart and core center your life becomes more stable regardless of what you go through each day. A Kundalini meditation follows aiming to gather and project your energy towards a specific goal in your life. Ending with a Didgeridoo relaxation to seal and spread this grounded energy throughout your body, releasing old patterns and making room for the new to come in.

RSVP via Facebook

Price: $35
Hari NYC 212-465-0606


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