Buon appetito amici!

welcome Gnocchi del 29 Bologna, Italy!

I met Marcella when she came to New  to do research on American illustrated book for children in January 2009. When she arrived from Bologna, Italy to live with me for six months, she brought one kilogram of Parmesano Reggiano and dried oregano from Sicily as a gift for me. The cheese was like a huge piece of cake with a rich salty aroma looking ready to be eaten and the oregano had tiny flowers and its scent took my mind to the Mediterranean Sea and I imagined friends enjoying the breeze of the ocean while talking about life and having fun with each other.

Marcella had no idea I was starting to host Gnocchi del 29 at home, and I was blown away by the synchronicity our encounter. I’ve worked in restaurants before and love cooking, so the idea of hosting an event at home seemed part of myself. Once I starting hosting it and interacting with the participants is how I figured out the process of production of the whole event, which took me four months. Marcella was present and ready to help and brainstorm ideas throughout this months. Our friendship evolved and we spend the time like family members, like sisters. When Marcella returned to Italy in the middle of 2009, she was determined to bring Gnocchi del 29 to her community. And now after she has finished her thesis and the right people showed up to help her start the process Gnocchi del 29 Bologna has began in March 2012.

It is so much fun to share this event with her and Bologna’s community every month while we do it in New York. And it is very special that it is happening in Italy, where Gnocchi comes from!

Gnocchi del 29 Bologn has a sister Facebook page that you can visit.


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