Learning to See: Self-Empowerment and Intuition Training

Adi Love and Patricia Buraschi

Join us for an evening of Kundalini Yoga practice and intuitive emotional release work. We will travel through past lives, our present, and future to get in touch with the emotional body. Participants will learn techniques for connecting to the innermost i…ntuition that… resides in each human being. We will tap into deep listening and work with the emotions within that are yearning to be heard. The workshop facilitator will guide participants to connect patterns of emotions that will bring great clarity to your present experience on earth. Students will leave with a new found sense of connection to the emotional body and a harnessed ability to connect to themselves. Come experience your emotional body and tap into your intuition while connecting with your Kundalini!

The call is just for you to know you! If you choose to listen, you will hear.

*Please bring a yoga mat to class.

To register, please contact Adi Love at Adilove3@gmail.com

Exchange: $15

Patricia Buraschi will be playing Didgeridoo to assist participants with their emotional release throughout the training.

This workshop will be led by Adi Love, an intuitive past life healer and Kundalini yoga teacher with over 10 years experience. Adi is a dynamic and expressive therapist who specializes in bringing awareness to the surface through a variety of techniques including but not limited to Kundalini yoga practice, emotional pattern release and other Eastern modalities. She is an engaging workshop facilitator who empowers her students by sharing her own intuitive gift: the ability to see.


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