Sacred Home delivery in NJ: With honor and Joy for one of my first teachers

Annapurna is the Hindu goddess of food and cooking. Annapurna is empowered with the ability to supply food to an unlimited amount of people.

Sacred Home delivery : Private cooking + healthy living habit class


NURTRURE: With great honor and joy I am cooking for one of my first teachers in NJ this weekend. So much love and gratitude I feel for her and the wisdom she carries and shares with me. She is like an amazing Pandora box. Every time you meet her again there is more knowledge she is ready to share. The thing I love the most is that she is your guide, your guardian whenever she works with you, either in a past life regression, or feng shui for your home, or energy clearings and it is YOUR timing that she will follow and give you space to grow on your own. Allowing you to go through the process regardless of what she might see or perceive in the realm of the unknown about your life.

With much love for Sharon.

You are a butterfly
Patiently waiting and understanding everything
Your wings colors are metallic blue, green and black
You are the guardian
And I feel you carry yours around too
So, you are fine, taken care and protected 
by the beautiful energy of Quan Yin
Your wings can be seen once in a while,
don’t be shy! Tell them not to hide
For those who don’t get it
I say: Never Mind!
You, fly high, into the skies of love and surrender
where we are all one.
Embracing the light that nutrures us, guides us
and gives us piece of mind.
Your words are prayers carrying the current of love, 
and people somehow know,
so I ask you: Please keep sharing your beautiful soul with the entire world.
Soon we will all shine so much together.




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