Gnocchi del 29 Potluck in Prospect Park!

Picnic House in Prospect Park

July 28th, 5pm-9pm


Gnocchi del 29 is having its first outdoor event in Prospect Park!!!
Please bring your favorite dessert or entree and whatever you will drink with you. Bring your drums, flutes, Didges, shakers and voice to jam together. Freesbees anyone?

Note: This event is on Thursday July 28th.

Gnocchi del 29 will mutate into a Summer friendly dish for all of us to enjoy!!


Main: Grilled semolina Gnocchi with Black olives and salsa criolla+ your favorite dishes.

Dessert: Bring your favorite ones to share.

Drinks: Whatever you feel like

*** Plates+silverware+napkins+​glasses will be provided


The Picnic House in Prospect Park
check out the link below to find us.

Gnocchi del 29, is a culinary cultural event to build community, celebrate and be aware of the abundance and prosperity we have around in our lives at all times. A guest artist is invited every month to perform or exhibit their work (I.e Photographer, musicians, dancers, fine artists, holistic practitioners) The project’s motto is : Love, Prosperity and Art at the end of each month.

Eating Gnocchi in Argentina every 29th of the month is a national family tradition. The intention is to get together with your loved ones, celebrate and attract prosperity in the month to come.

**This is a free event.


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