Ine Bank

Creative Process

These images are part of the creative process and research I did while creating Ine Bank.

Ine-Bank reflects the interaction between Suisse Bank’s investor’s expectations in regards to the Institution financial performance of their investments, adding the unpredictive behavior of the global economy. Unpredictability is modeled by the sprinkling of water on a mannequin wearing a dress made of a special water-soluble fabric. As water trickles down onto the model, her dress gradually dissolves and she is left partially naked, helpless and vulnerable.

Only after a catastrophe such as this happens, we realize how much weight we put on our expectations and assumptions about certain institutions that may seem all-powerful, but at the end it is as vulnerable as we are. Yet, as the world is gradually discovering, blind faith cannot be put into an institution merely because it has a reputation.

IMG_1751 copy IMG_7571 IMG_1755 copy IMG_1754 copy IMG_1757 copy IMG_1761 IMG_7278 IMG_0166

Click to see the finished dress 

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