Nuture: Homemade organic food for mommies and families to be


About two years ago my soul sister Laura called me up the night she was in labor to ask me if I could come spend some time with her and her husband, so he could rest and she could have another female energy around.

Without a doubt and not knowing what to expect I said yes. Fourteen hours later, after massages, reading guided meditations, a bath with aromatherapy, surges, pain and some sleep I was witnessing my first birth only from a few feet away. This amazing moment awakened honor and deep respect for all the mothers and fathers, understanding that sex is a sacred act and it should be treated as such. Realizing also that it is with the effort of many and a clear and genuine intention that great things can be achieved. That harmony arrives after many trial and errors and surrendering to what is. A strong sisterhood bond materialized effortlessly between us during the whole 14 hours, a deep understanding and communication that can’t be explained but it is there. We both know we are there for each other no matter what, whenever we need. Making me part of this beautiful moment Laura helped me discover this innate soothing doulistic skill I carry in my vibration. It is then that friends and friends of friends started calling me to have me around during their pre and postpartum weeks. This calling led me to discover with their help that having home made food in their freezers for the weeks before and after birth makes the transition time easier and smoother. Laura called me to join forces again fro her second birth, this time I spent 6 weeks with her family, which allowed me to see the day to day of what it means to lead a family with grace, love and intuition no matter what the circumstance is.

After helping her my friend Kasia, who is due April 14th, asked me if I could be with her during her birth and with honor I accepted this request. Again the food matter came up so I cooked fresh home made food for her to have for the next four weeks. I am now opening up this door to let all the moms to be know that I can be there for you, either preparing food at your house to let the yummy sacred flavors inspire nurturing vibrations or deliver the food to your house.

You can contact me for more info at

Visit Sacred Home Delivery service


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