Awakening your Senses: A tantric Banquette February 3rd

Where: Brooklyn Sanctuary

778 Bergen Street

7-9pm tea served until 11pm

Thursday February 3rd

Awakening Senses Banquette is a safe sacred Tantric ritual to tune in and surrender to our senses of  smell, touch, hearing and taste. My first experience participating in an Awakening Your Senses Banquette was led by Indian
Yogini Monika Nataraj. It was an ecstatic and healing ritual and I immediately had the urge to share this amazing experience with others.

In the West Tantra is directly associated with sexuality; however sexuality per se only one facet of this elaborate spiritual practice, as a representation of the union of the soul with the Goddess. Yoga, meditation, food and art are some of the techniques and practices by which one can approach Tantra.

During Awakening Your Senses ritual a sacred and safe place is created where you are able to let go of expectations and assumptions about yourself and others behaviors and patterns and really connect to your senses.  We start sharing what the Tantric Banquette consists of:  foods to taste, various aromatic options to smell, tactile objects to awaken your touch sense and sound instruments for your hearing sense. Followed by  a Chakra meditation and explanation which sense, body organ and element relates to each Chakra. Half of the participants, the receivers,  while seating in sacred circle are blindfolded and for the next 25-30 minutes will be treated like a Queen or King by the givers who carefully and respectfully will give them food, sound, touch and aromas to smell from the Banquette. Divine music is played during the ritual. A second round will follow where receiver become the givers and vice versa.

A group discussion and sharing will follow.

I would like to thank Monika Nataraj for sharing this Tantric knowledge with me and encouraging me to share it with all of you here in New York.

Energy exchange $25

First 10 pay $20



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