Gnocchi del 29 collaborates with WHY (World Hunger Year) and Bread and Life


Acclaimed singer, songwriter Toby Lightman will perform at St. John’s Bread and Life on Wednesday, October 28th when the organization holds a fundraiser in conjunction with WHY’s (World Hunger Year) Artists Against Hunger & Poverty program and  “Gnocchi del 29” is modeled on the Argentinean tradition of serving a frugal but celebratory meal just before payday at the end of each month.  Families use this opportunity to reflect on community and shared responsibility and to foster prosperity.  St. John’s Bread and Life Program operates on the concept of sharing with and thereby uplifting your neighbors.  Please join us on Wednesday, October 28th for a replication of this joyous tradition. The event begins at 7:00 p.m. at St. John’s, 795 Lexington Ave. in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

For a donation of $10 per person, attendees will share a meal complete with pasta, homemade bread, salad, wine and desert.  In keeping with the spirit of community and cooperation, they will also be asked to help cook, serve and clean up.

“We’re hoping the idea of Gnocchi del 29 will help to foster a deeper commitment to cooperation and community,” said Anthony Butler, Executive Director of St. John’s Bread and Life.  Alison Cohen, Director of Programs at WHY explains “This event underscores the importance of how food prepared, enjoyed and celebrated in community sustains us.  Throughout history the practice of cooking and eating good food together has strengthened the fabric of community in addition to our bodies and minds.  WHY is a leading advocate for innovative, community-based solutions to hunger and poverty.  Gnocchi del 29 exemplifies how the practice of cooking and eating in community is a way for us all to engage in ending the hunger that 36.2 million Americans and more than 1 billion worldwide face today.”

History of Gnocchi del 29

Historically, the 29th is the feast day of the Italian Saint San Pantaleaon, who was canonized on this date. He practiced miraculous healings and reported abundant crops for the year to come to the farmers who fed him along his pilgrimage across Northern Italy during 8th century.

In Brooklyn, the idea was originated by artist Patricia Buraschi a fashion designer and conceptual artist who introduced the concept in her Brooklyn apartment to family and friends.  She has been making gnocchi from scratch every month and inviting guest artists to perform (or exhibit their work) following the meal.  “My intention doing Gnocchi del 29 every month is to build community, celebrate and be aware of all the prosperity we have around us in spite of the economic crisis,” said Ms. Buraschi.  “Cooperation is the main ingredient to make this event come to life every month.”

Those wishing to participate in Gnocchi del 29 at St. John’s Bread & Life can visit or call Dorothy Kellogg at 718-574-0058, ext 145.

St. John’s Bread and Life

St. John’s Bread and Life is the largest provider of emergency food services in this area.  Besides serving more than 1,800 meals daily, Bread and Life also provides an array of social services, including nutrition counseling, housing referral services, medical support, education, support groups, a legal clinic and tax preparation.  You can learn more about St. John’s by visiting Bread & Life online at

WHY (World Hunger Year, Inc.) is dedicated to fighting the root causes of hunger and poverty by supporting grassroots organizations that create self-reliance, economic justice and equal access to nutritious and affordable food.   Founded in 1975 by the late Harry Chapin and Bill Ayres, WHY works to put an end to hunger suffered by 36.2 million Americans and nearly 1 billion people worldwide. Programs include:  The National Hunger Hotline 1-866-3-HUNGRY, which refers individuals to community organizations in their neighborhoods; the Grassroots Action Network,  which provides information, networking, capacity building and access to 8,000 anti-hunger and poverty community organizations across the US; and Artists Against Hunger & Poverty- supported by Bruce Springsteen, Michael McDonald, Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire, Joss Stone, Darryl McDaniels, Jackson Browne, O.A.R, and many others.


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