Wednesday July 8th, 7pm
Sponsored by Canon
This month is very special. We will be having a very different and special Gnocchi del 29 with you.
Please get comfortable on your chairs and travel with your minds and imagination to enjoy the beautiful event we will put together for you this month.   

It will be a very intimate approach, so feel free to bring your most loved ones along.


Volunteers who would like to learn how to make Gnocchi with Love are always welcome



Vegan Spelt Potato + Olive Oil + Parmesan Cheese

White and Red Wine + Yogi Tea


Grilled Summer Fruits



Open Skyes

Sponsor: Canon

Through a visual tour, Open Skyes invites us to travel through the Rocky Mountains National Park . Open Skyes is sponsored by Canon and invites you to share your feedback about your visual trip via Illustrations.  You can either scan or photograph your drawings and post them on Gnocchi del 29 Facebook Page or send them to me at

patricia.buraschi (at) gmail.com

If any of the original images from Open Skyes exhibition inspired your illustration please indicate that in your message, so we can pair it with it when posted.

Gnocchi del 29 Facebook Page:



Thanks to: AJ, Regi and Gary, The Uncles and Marce


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