Wire hangers + plastic bags + antique lace

One of a kind Lamps






The thought that although we are all composed by the same matter, but we always try to find innovative ways  to distinguish ourselves from others trying to find what we think are unique ways of dressing, walking and talking and customize our bodies with Tattoos and piercing. Eventually we hopefully realize that our essence is all the same, but there are endless options to go about our lifes. 

Many objects that we use every day have a very short life span. With some we interact more often than others, but the reality is that there is plenty of them all around us. My interest on these objects lays into re-defining their use and allowing them to rebirth into a completely new setting.

Zenkuren Lamps are one of a kind objects made out of wire hangers, which have been customized with other recycled materials such as plastic shopping bags and lace.

Zenkuren is an abbreviation of All Japan Laundry & Dry cleaning Association.

2007 Remade, Museo Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Copyright © 2007. Patricia Buraschi. All rights reserved.

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