Creative Common License added to Gnocchi del 29


It is the the third month of Gnocchi del 29 event. The production of the Gnocchi and the whole day starts early in the morning after breakfast and it is a long day. The day is for everyone to enjoy and keep doing it every month, therefore  it is one of my main goals to find the most efficient ways of improving the production process before the guest arrive and during the evening as well. 

Every month we prepare 20 pounds of Gnocchi two sauces and one gallon of Yogi Tea.  Today, Sunday March 29th, three volunteers and myself made and cooked 10 kilos of Gnocchi between 12 noon and 4pm. This change in production will allow me to interact with the guests during the evening, not like before that I spent 75% of the time in the kitchen cooking or making sure everything was running smoothly.

Talking about Gnocchi del 29 to a friend in Ireland,  we thought  that it would be great to add a CC license to  Gnocchi del 29.

Making this event accessible to other people to host it in their house, will expand and increase the building of community that is already happening every Gnocchi del 29 in my house. I am writing a Gnocchi del 29 guide for those  interested in holding the event themselves. It will be available through this site by May.

It is very exciting to think that a different  Gnocchi Del 29 might be happening at the same time in different parts of NYC or other cities.

The Creative Common License for the event is Attribution-Share alike.

Creative Commons License
Gnocchi Del 29 by Patricia Buraschi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

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